Purno is a character of the tv series"purno de purno" which was broadcast ed in the beginning of the 90's by VPRO public tv. At that time the whole series was produced and animated by Hootchie Gootchie studio's. After 10 years they decided it was time to bring Purno back to live again. So they still write the scripts and me and the rest of the crew of Urrebuk are animating for the come-back of Purno de Purno. Soon al the ins and outs of purno can be found at urrebuk .nl


Animation: Sander Alt / Bas de Ruiter
Michiel Wesselius / Maarten Visser
(also known as the fabulous urrebuk boys)

Sound design: Hans Wessels
Script: mahvhpw animation architects
Production: mahvhpw animation architects


/ dvd / video /
will be shown at vpro's villa achterwerk in 2005